Installation supervision

Installation supervision

Production Association "TEHNOROS" is ready to render professional services of installation supervision and commissioning services (expert and consultancy services).

The installation supervision requires professional skills and is necessary for correct equipment installation and debugging.

The provided services of installation supervision and commissioning means the participation of our specialist (specialists) during works on the Customer’s object. The installation supervision is obligatory during any equipment installation and in many ways determines the future equipment reliability and no-failure operation.

The installation supervision services can include:
  • general technical and technological monitoring
  • quality control of work produced
  • participation in technical examination and designer supervision
  • equipment connection
  • adjustment, debugging and preparation of the equipment for operation
  • training of the Customer’s specialists for operations with installed equipment.

The comprehensive installation supervision services allow to minimize installation errors and to ensure the correct preparation of the equipment for commissioning works, which ultimately improves the quality and the durability of the supplied equipment.

The commissioning continues the installation works and terminates the supplied equipment startup. After their termination, the object can be ready for operation.

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