Engineering services

Engineering services

TEHNOROS offers services for the non-standard lifting equipment projects development according to the customer’s specifications. We can provide our clients both draft design developments, technical project and constructor’s developments.

The project design is carried out with CREO 3-D simulation system. This provides compliance with all boundary conditions and detailed modeling of real objects together with considering of consumers’ regulations requirements on safety, reliability and ease of maintenance.

Technical documentation can be developed in accordance to Russian standards, DIN, EN and other foreign standards.

The additional service “Author’s supervision” is available, which allows eliminating all production risks. In this case, the increased supervision on technical documentation requirements and the analysis of any possible manufacturing process deviations are carried out.

TEHNOROS offers all interested Consumers to realize joint projects with split powers. TEHNOROS, in this case, carries out the project development, the author’s supervision, the determined equipment units’ supply and the installation supervision and the Consumer carries out the manufacture of metal structures according to the TEHNOROS documentation.

Such a model of cooperation allows the Consumer to increase the level of the involving in project realization and to reduce the Subcontractors’ part of the project. It also provides the Consumer the low risk level due to the author’s supervision and installation supervision services receiving.

We’re here to help you to develop, to manufacture and to put into operation the equipment, which totally meets all your requirements.

TEHNOROS engineering services. Draft design developments, technical project and constructor’s developments

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