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Shiploaders for coal

Equipment for loading low-tonnage vessels

Production Association “TEHNOROS” designs and manufactures shiploaders which are used for handling coal in the ports and terminals.For loading coal on low- and medium-tonnage bulk carriers (up to 30 000 t) Production Association “TEHNOROS” offers shiploader of type “Pechora” and “Don”.

Shiploader for coal “Pechora”

Shiploader “Pechora” is equipped with telescopic boom which regulates a swinging radius of discharging arm to make an easy access to the ship’s hold area. This type of equipment is ideal for handling coal, mineral fertilizers and other bulk cargo for non-food purposes.

shiploader for coal pechora photo

Long boom’s radius of ship loading machine is a necessary condition for vessels servicing in the ports when there is a long distance of transport rails from the mooring’s edge.Maximal distance of telescopic conveyor radius is 26 meters. Allowable travelling speed of the conveyor is 8 m/min. 

Peak productivity of the equipment is 2500 t/h.

Shiploader for coal “Don”

For loading low- and medium-tonnage bulk carriers Production Association “TEHNOROS” offers to apply ship loader of type “Don”.

Special rotating boom is one of special features of “Don”. The existence of this boom together with machine’s travelling along the mooring allows to feed the material in each sector of the ship’s hold.

The rotation of the boom is carried out due to the boom’s location on a roller bearing slewing ring.
Maximal angle of boom’s rotation is 210° and it is enough to load even long vessels equally.

Peak productivity of the complex is 2500 t/h. 

Shiploaders for loading large-capacity vessels

Servicing of large vessels which differ by large tonnage is carried out in special marine terminals which have a sufficient depth for approaching such vessels The following requirements belong to main one which are necessary for the equipment of loading large-tonnage bulk carriers:

·         existence of the boom with wide range of values of lifting and lowering angles;

·         existence of telescopic discharging device with changeable height of lowering.

Shiploader for coal "Neva"

Ship loading machines “Neva” suits optimally for servicing the large-tonnage vessels as well as for the terminals which have a long distance from marine rail up to the mooring edge.

The ship loader is equipped with the boom which can change lifting angle (from -6° up to 75°), as well it is equipped with movable shuttle which travels along the boom. Travel length of the shuttle is 30 m. Lowering depth of discharging chute is 10 m.

ship loader for coal Neva photo

Shiploaders for moorings which are located deep in the sea

Shiploader "Volga"

Specific feature of ship loading complex “Volga” is the possibility of its location deep in the sea what is important especially for the ports which are located in shallow area.

The application of this type of the equipment allows to reduce the cost of civil and hydraulic & technical works because of the absence of permanent mooring. The support for conveyor galleries and the shiploader’s towers is the basement with installed columns.

Maximal productivity of the complex is 2x3500 t/h (2 lines – 3500 t/h each). 

shiploader for coal volga photo

Shiploaders for mineral fertilizers

Mineral fertilizers have a high chemical activity what influence on the equipment condition in a negative way.

In order to prevent the corrosion and fast wear of main transportation units, Production Association “TEHNOROS” uses stainless steel and special plastics in the process of manufacturing.

The configuration of “Neva” and “Don” machines suits in the best way for effective handling of nitrogenous, potassium and phosphorous mineral fertilizers.

The conveyors of the above described ship loaders have rain and moisture shelters what preserves the integrity and physical properties of the material while being handled.

shiploader for mineral fertilizers photo

Shiploaders for grain

The handling of nutritive cargoes such as wheat, rye, corn, sunflower, and rape requires the compliance of strict rules of environmental safety.

The dust which is being formed, when there is the handling of grain crops, is explosive one. In order to avoid explosive situations, Production Association “TEHNOROS” uses special explosion-proof systems of aspiration with local filters inside shiploaders.

Shiploader “Kuban"

This type of machine is intended for loading the grain on bulk carriers of tonnage up to 120 000 t. Its productive capacity can achieve 1600 t/h.

The strong point of this ship loader is its rotating configuration. Loading complex has a portal platform. Meanwhile depending on the mooring configuration the portal can have a standard height or increased one. It allows to locate feeding mooring conveyors inside the portal’s track.

shiploader for grain photo

Conveyor gallery which feeds the cargo to the machine in this case, goes through the portal. It allows to make the rotation of the boom at 200° angle without any difficulty. By having such configuration “Kuban’” is able to serve the vessels from two sides of the mooring.

Another special feature of “Kuban” shiploader e is the availability of the elevator for vertical feeding of grain to the conveyor, as well as the variable angle of inclination of discharging device which provides the equal tight loading of grain inside the ship’s hold. The ship loading machine can be equipped with inclined discharging chute which allows to pour a cargo in some more under the coaming.

Ship loader “Volga” and “Don” can be also used for coal handling in sea ports and terminals.    

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