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Production Association “TEHNOROS” designs and manufacturers boom reclaimers which are intended for taking fine-grained or dust-like bulk cargoes from the stockpiles of open or closed warehouses and continuous cargo handling on technological lines.

The reclaimers manufactured by Production Association “TEHNOROS” optimally suits for the transportation of potassium salts, granular nitrogen fertilizers, phosphates, sulphur, chalkstone and ore mass. In product range of the reclaimers of our company there are the following types: scraper reclaimers (portal, semi-portal, cantilevered), gantry bucket reclaimers.

Scraper reclaimer

Application of scraper reclaimer

Scraper reclaimer (kratzer crane) is intended for servicing stockpiles by means of the booms which are located from one or both sides of the machine. 

Due to its structure scraper-reclaimers are divided in cantilevered, semi-portal and portal. 

scraper reclaimer photo

Structure of scraper reclaimer

The scraper reclaimer consists of steel structure with travelling mechanism, as well as of booms with installed scraper conveyors.

Transporting unit of portal reclaimer is chain scraper conveyor with traction chain and installed scrapers or buckets on it.

It is possible to make portal reclaimer in several modifications: with one boom, with two booms or with articulated boom.

Operation of scraper reclaimer

While kratzer-crane travels along the stock pile, the scrapers (buckets) evenly take the material and they bring it on output conveyor by permanent flow. 

It is possible to use the reclaimer for reverse stockpiling (lifting of the material up along the stockpile’s slope). This action is carried out due to reversed travelling of the chain.

Types of scraper reclaimers

Portal scraper reclaimer

Portal scraper reclaimer is usually used at closed raw-material storages of big volume.

The advantage of portal execution is the absence of requirements to load-carrying capacity of construction design because ground-type crane tracks are the basement of scraper reclaimer.

As opposed to semi-portal reclaimer, portal one differs by bigger productivity thanks to the possibility of installation of additional booms as well as thanks to the application of two conveyor belts for taking the cargo from the warehouse.


Semi-portal scraper reclaimer

Semi-portal scraper reclaimer are usually applied in pairs at the warehouses which are divided along in two parts. It allows to have bigger quantity of locations for sorted storage of different materials and to form two independent flows of material from the warehouse. 

semi portal scraper reclaimer picture

Cantilevered scraper reclaimer

Popular type of scraper reclaimer is cantilevered one.

Thanks to easy installation and the absence of requirements to load-carrying capacity of construction design, cantilevered scraper-reclaimer can be used with similar efficiency either at open or at closed warehouses of small volume.

Cantilevered reclaimer can be equipped with buckets for taking the materials which have non-free-flowing.

Cantilevered scraper reclaimer picture

Gantry bucket reclaimer

Application of bucket reclaimer

Gantry bucket reclaimer is intended for taking the material from stockpile of homogenization stockpile and materials transfer to belt conveyor. The special feature of this reclaimer is the possibility of preliminary preparation of stockpile for the transportation due to pouring of the portion of material from frontal part of the stockpile back in order to obtain the best values of homogenization.

bucket reclaimer photo

Structure of gantry bucket reclaimer

Carrying steel structure of bucket reclaimer is made from truss type beams. All mechanisms and subsystems of the reclaimer are located on this steel structure.

The device which is used for making the stockpile formless one is bucket elevator.

Removable knives are installed on the reclaimer’s buckets. They take the cargo from the stockpile layer by layer. Buckets knives are made from wear-resisting steel.

Three belt conveyors are included in the reclaimer’s structure: stationary, movable (for the provision of preliminary preparation of the stockpile) and reversed (it fulfills a function of control damper and it transfers the material either to stationary or movable conveyors).

After taking the cargo from the stockpile, it goes firstly to stationary belt conveyor installed on span structure of the reclaimer and after this to mainline warehouse conveyor on which the material goes to an integrated plant.

Operation of bucket reclaimer

Material’s taking from the stockpile is carried out thanks to the travelling of the reclaimer along the stockpile’s axis with simultaneous movement of the buckets upwards.

The material which is collected by the buckets is lifted up and then it is discharged into the hopper from which is comes on belt conveyor.   

By means of reverse conveyor the material comes on main (stationary) and then from this conveyor it comes on warehouse conveyor or if there is activated reverse mode, the cargo comes on movable conveyor which transports the material backwards to the stockpile. 

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