Portal cranes

Tehnoros Group of Companies designs and produces a wide range of portal cranes, which have a slewing part and a jib system, installed on various support constructions (portals), allowing moving on crane ways. The portal cranes Kirovetz for several decades are successfully applied for handling operations at sea and river ports, open stockyards, ship building and ship repair plants, as well as at floating docks and when building hydraulic engineering constructions. The new line of portal cranes ZUBR and VOSKHOD presents assembly, loading and dock cranes.


The crane of universal use, the optimal solution for intensive handling of bulk and general cargoes


The portal erecting cranes are intended for installation and assembly operations at ship building and ship repair enterprises, as well as for large cargoes handling.


The dock portal cranes with lifting capacity up to 20 tones can be produced.
According to the Customer wish, it is possible to produce portal cranes with predetermined technical parameters.