Two gantry cranes KK-Kp 100/10-32/0/14-18/16,5-A4 are commissioned

06 April, 2015

At the end of March two gantry cranes produced by Tehnoros company were installed and commissioned on a warehouse logistics of a nuclear power plant in Russia.

Краны козловые КК-Кр 100/10-32/0/14-18/16,5-А4   Приемо-сдаточные испытания козловых кранов КК-Кр 100/10-32/0/14-18/16,5-А4

The main hoist has a lifting capacity of 100 tons, the auxiliary hoist – 10 tons. Besides, the gantry crane is fitted with an auxiliary materials’ handling equipment for service and repair.

The choice of the frame construction (including crane bridge and crane legs) was determined by the necessity of wind loads decrease, because the crane is operated in a zone with storm wind gusts.

The crane modular construction allows avoiding the main crane units welding during the installation and simplifying the crane dismantling and replacement, if it is necessary. 

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