Two bridge grab cranes KMESG 32-40-А8 were put into operation

26 May, 2017

These cranes are intended for carbonite handling from dumping platform to dehydration and storage platform, than from dehydration and storage platform into the charge hopper of comminution separation.

The cranes are equipped with grabs, lifting capacity 32 t. This type of lifting accessories is unique in its usage: due to large dimensions they are scarcely used for railway cars, open-top wagons, platforms and automotive transport handling. The usage area of these grabs is within bridge cranes in the following process schemes:

bulk storage ► hopper►belt conveyor
ship ► hopper ► belt conveyor
barge (bulk carrier of "river-sea" class) ► feeder ship - bulk carrier (for shipboard gantry cranes)

The grabs of such a high lifting capacity (25 t, 32 t, 40 t) can be only rope bucket type ones, by reason of the necessity to create great forces while scooping and load closing operation.

Bridge grab cranes

Bridge grab cranes

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