The results of 21th International Exhibition TransRussia-2016

The results of 21th International Exhibition TransRussia-2016

25 April, 2016

Group of Companies took part in the international exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies “TRANSRUSSIA”, held from 19 to 22 April in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre (Moscow, Russia)

At the booth the Company presented crane and conveyor equipment for ports, container and ship loading terminals:

- ship loaders;
- stackers;
- reclaimers;
- wagon tipplers;
- conveyor equipment;
- container cranes;
- portal cranes

Besides, in the exhibition Tehnoros Group of Companies presented a new service for the clients: system of remote monitoring of handling equipment work.

The remote monitoring system (RMS) helps to improve the efficiency of operations of handling equipment fleet, placed on remote areas of customers, due to extended precision of planning technical maintenance, reducing number and costs of repairs, as well as reduction of necessary stock house of spare parts.

This system helps to control the correctness of handling equipment operator actions.

On the base of statistics of operators actions with the equipment, connected to RMS, it is possible to create an individual training program for every operator on the mobile training simulator – another technical novelty, presented at the Company’s booth and been popular with the visitors of TransRussia.

ТрансРоссия-2016, тренажер оператора крана

The mobile training simulator has 10 basic training programs, including typical operations of operator both in normal and critical conditions, in limited visibility conditions, during various hindrances of handling operations, emergency.

In addition, it is possible to install the simulator in a 20-feet container, that allows, if it is necessary, to move it between some remote areas of customers.

In general, the exhibition revealed the high demand for the products of Tehnoros Group of Companies. The specialists of Tehnoros held number of meetings and negotiations with potential customers and components suppliers.