The test assembly and functional tests of car dumper VRS 93-110M for Novo-Irkutsk power plant have been completed

27 December, 2021
The test assembly and functional tests of car dumper VRS-93-110M produced for Novo-Irkutskaya Power Plant within the framework of construction of a new fuel feeding line under the federal program were completed.

The equipment was fully assembled at a special levelled site, control measurements were carried out according to the factory test programme, the standard control system was connected and the rotor was turned through its own drive several times. The wagon tipper has successfully passed all types of factory tests.

Next, the equipment will be dismantled, painted, packed and shipped to the customer.

Stationary rotary car dumper VRS-93-110M is intended for unloading of steam coal from open wagons with capacity up to 110 tons, including innovative railway open wagons with width up to 3 400 mm and height up to 4 000 mm.

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