Tehnoros completed delivery of the VRS 93-110M car dumper to Novo-Irkutskaya CHPP

01 March, 2022
On 22.02.2022 delivery of car dumper VRS 93-110M was completed to Novo-Irkutskaya TPP, which is a branch of LLC Baikalskaya Energy Company.
After positive completion of functional tests and control assembly with the Customer's participation, the car dumper VRS 93-110M was dismantled, painted, packed and then delivered to the Customer. 
Delivery of the equipment, including oversized parts, was carried out by road transport. In addition to reducing the delivery time, this helped to avoid unnecessary transhipment along the way, thus ensuring a high level of equipment safety. 

Stationary rotary car dumper VRS-93-110M will be used by the Customer for unloading of steam coal from open wagons with carrying capacity up to 110t, including innovative railway open wagons with width up to 3 400 mm and height up to 4 000mm.

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