Special gantry crane KK-SP 560(280+280)/60(30+30)/5-13,5-15,5/52,5/35-A2,U1-SS was put into production

10 July, 2017

A crane of this type was designed to perform the maneuvering of emergency-repair gates of the water and depth of the spillway, trash grates, and other construction and repair operations at the Shamaldysai Hydro Power Plant (Naryn river, Kyrgyzstan).

It is important to say that for this type of crane has an extra bom-type mechanism with a lifting capacity of 5 tons, lifting height is 35 m, and with the boom (hook) 25 m in the direction of the upper pool, is designed to perform cleaning floating debris from the waters of the upper pool in the area of log ponds.

The Shamaldysai Hydro Power Plant is built in the 9-point seismic hazard and characteristics of this special gantry crane consider all the climatic and territorial factors.

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