New shiploader, manufactured by "Tehnoros", was put in commission at the "EuroChem" terminal

30 May, 2016

Ship loader "Neva-1500" put in commission at the “Murmansk Bulk Terminal”, designed for mineral fertilizer loading of the ships deadweight from 7000 to 60 000 tonnes. This ship loader was produced by "Tehnoros" Group of companies specially for “EuroChem” company.

Neva-1500 is equipped by boom with variable angle of slope, telescopic conveyor and carriage-type shuttle long stroke (up to 28 meters).

Vertically standing pylon of ship loader has coupling device for locking the boom in the parking position that allows approaching of vessels with high-deck superstructure freely.

For increasing the operational safety, ship loader is equipped with a system that prevents contact with the vessel, - pull-wire switches and radar sensors to stop the progress of the machine and prevent a possible collision.

Ship loader Neva-1500, Murmansk

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