Foundry crane with capacity of 210 tons was put into operation at JSC Ural steel.

Foundry crane with capacity of 210 tons was put into operation at JSC Ural steel.

08 August, 2022
An overhead crane with a lifting capacity of 210 tonnes, manufactured by Tehnoros, has been put into operation at the metallurgical works of Ural Steel, JSC after successful completion of commissioning tests.

The foundry crane 210+63/20-27,5-А8, U3 crane with the main lifting capacity of 210 t and auxiliary truck lifting capacity of 63/20 t are designed for transportation of steel teeming ladles with molten metal, slag bowls, metal casting at CCMZ, as well as for equipment maintenance using all lifting mechanisms.

The new foundry crane is operated in the casting bay of the electric steelmaking shop (ESC) of Ural Steel JSC.

The crane design features a new special principle of connecting main beams with travel balancers, which significantly simplifies equipment repair and maintenance. Reliability of steel structures is ensured by calculation of critical units and connections and multistage quality control of manufacturing.

The design of all the crane units provides for the local replacement of defective equipment without disassembly of large steel structures. 

The main hoist mechanism is equipped with additional hydraulic-type emergency disc brakes installed on each rope drum. Emergency braking is performed by applying disc brake shoes on the main hoist drums flanges. 

The new crane is designed for 220 V DC operating voltage. 

The crane is operated in extra heavy duty mode A8.

The supplied equipment is a part of the basic line of the bridge foundry cranes of PO "Tehnoros", including the following cranes:

1. Foundry crane 120+32/10 t, A8 (main lifting capacity 120t);

2. Foundry crane 150+60/20 t, А8 (main lifting capacity 150t);

3. Foundry crane180+63/20 tons, A8 (main lifting capacity 180t);

4. Foundry crane 210+63/20 tons, A8 (main lifting capacity 210t); Foundry crane 225+63/20 tons , A7 (main lifting capacity 225t);

5. Foundry crane 260+60/20 tons, A8 (main lifting capacity 260t); Foundry crane 280+60/20 tons, A7 (main lifting capacity 280t);

6. Foundry crane 450+80/20 tons, A8 (main lifting capacity 450t);

7. Foundry crane 500+100/20 tons, A8 (main lifting capacity 500t).

PO "Tehnoros" has rich experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying various types of foundry and special cranes for metallurgical industry.