Container crane (КК-Кнт 36-25/7/5,5-9,5-А6) assembly

Container crane (КК-Кнт 36-25/7/5,5-9,5-А6) assembly

04 February, 2015

“Tehnoros” group of companies started to assemble container crane (КК-Кнт 36-25/7/5,5-9,5-А6, У1). Designed crane is intended to move the containers at the terminal of North-Caucasian railway station.

Such container crane with 25metres span is characterized with 36t spreader capacity and 10t capacity of auxiliary hoist with hook suspension Working outreach of load handling device of the main hoist is 7metres on the right cantilever and 5.5metres on the left cantilever accordingly.

Crane metal structure is rigid dimensioned beam construction from profiled rolled steel including superstructure, two supporting blocks, ladders, galleries, crane entry platforms.

All crane mechanisms control is carried out from the control cabin which is suspended to the trolley and travels along with it.