Billet handling crane designed and manufactured by TEHNOROS was commissioned at one of the Russia's major steel mills.

08 November, 2021

Special bridge crane with a rigid traverse suspension and rotatable trolley designed and manufactured by TEHNOROS is operated in a long product rolling mill at one of the Russia's major steel mills.
Billet handling crane (Pratzen-crane) КМЭСТВж 16/16/16-31-А8 provides customer the unloading of rolled steel up to 12 meters length and with temperature up to 500°С from railway platforms, as well as the transporting fabricated parts for storage or for loading grids of section mills and also the technological process support for rolling mill.

The lifting device of the crane is made in the form of two rods, which moves in vertical wells by means of ropes, reeled up on 2 drums. In a lower part of rods the traverse is fixed. The control cabin of the crane is installed on a rotatable part of the trolley and moves together with it. Such a technical version helps the crane to position the traverse quickly and maximum precisely in relation to a material being transferred, along with crane working speed increasing and a shortening of crane’s one duty cycle time.

The crane is equipped with a skew monitoring system. Each balance trolley has two inductive sensors. In case of a runaway of one bridge beam relative to another, the control system is carrying out the levelling of the crane.

The crane is also equipped with lifting device vibration measurement and analysis system. Bearing units of an engine and bearing units of the 1st and 2nd stages of crane’s lifting device reducer are equipped with sensors, connected to the control system of the crane. In case of identification of unit’s work errors, the control system indicates the information on a crane operator’s display.
For a crane wheel wear reducing the centralized automatic crane rail lubricating system is installed.

Main technical features of the crane:

- 16 т – lifting capacity with magnets;
- 16 т – lifting capacity with claws;
- 16 т - lifting capacity with hooks;
- 31 м – crane gauge;
- 6,6 м – lifting height;
- А8 – operating mode

TEHNOROS has a rich experience in design, manufacture and supply of various types of special overhead cranes for different industrial sectors.

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