Gantry and semi-gantry cranes

Tehnoros” Group of companies designs and manufactures gantry and semi-gantry cranes for handling of piece & bulk cargoes in open warehouses of industrial plants, cranes for equipment installation, assembly facilities and sectional installation in ship-building as well as gantry container cranes for warehouse terminals, ports and railway stations.

Special gantry cranes are equipped with special cargo handling devices – grabs, magnets, spreaders or traverses of different shape for implementation of specific cargo handling procedures.

Gantry cranes can be equipped with one or two trolleys, with longitudinal  or cross location of traverses on  a flexible or rigid suspension. It is possible to manufacture gantry cranes with non-standard parameters.

While making configuration of gantry crane units we take into consideration manufacturing process particulars of Customer’s production facilities as well as individual requirements indicated in Specification of the crane. While manufacturing special gantry cranes we use components of leading manufacturers and reliable suppliers.


Hook gantry cranes for general purposes are intended for implementation of lifting, cargo handling and storage  of piece cargoes.  Hook gantry cranes for general purposes work in open areas of almost all types of industrial plants, railway stations, warehouses and other industrial facilities.


Magnet gantry cranes are intended for implementation of main procedures during handling and storage on open platforms of metallurgical plants, large scrap metal companies as well as scrap processing plants. By means of  a permanent or an electric magnet which is suspended on a hook or on a traverse, the gantry crane can catch and handle plates and sections,  blank parts, billets, metal scrap, chip scrap and other ferrous-magnet materials. Along with that magnet cranes can work with piece cargoes in a hook mode when the electric magnet is removed.


Gantry cranes with 2 trolleys  are as a rule of the same loading capacity and they are equipped with hooks as cargo gripping devices for lifting, handling of long and large cargoes while two trolleys work simultaneously. In this case  loading capacity of the  gantry crane  is characterized by summarized (total) loading capacity of two trolleys.


Assembly gantry cranes are used for installation of prefabricated  industrial and civil buildings, for maintenance of erecting sites (of site joints) and equipment of petrochemical plants and enterprises of power industry including hydraulic electric stations and also during sectional installation and assembly work  in shipyards and ship repair facilities.